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A Protection Movie A Protection Movie

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

successful and promising, need some improvements

You have understand the music very well and this movie is really touching.
perhaps as a very short movie about 1 min, it still needs a little improvements in some details, for example maybe the camera movements and switchs need to be more active and meaningful other than still (this unlikely make the file much bigger), some graphic, scene and my music can be more elaborate.
Overall you have done very successful and I hope this movie would be accepted by NG as a "protection" animation or others, just like you do.

altr responds:

Oh, ya, I wanted to add SO much more(like rain flowing into the gutter,cats fighting by the dumpster,ect.), but I didn't want it over 200kb.
Spent like 3-4 hours on those stupid leaves blowing, trying to optimize it (I can be a dipshit though, wasn't realy that hard =D ).
But ya, fading the scenes cost way less in file size then moving buildens and trees and such,unfortunatly.
And much thanks on the music, cause without it this would've never been made ...

Fly Away Fly Away

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The music author's opinions:

As the music composer and performer of this movie, first I'd like to say that you have understood the emotional mood and variety inside the notes quite well. The movie and music matches very properly and the main subjects: "human and nature","peace" and "equality" are pretty good.
I think many reviewers's criticism about your overuse of fading other than animation is not reasonable, it is an artistic style more than a shiftless effort. But they are true in your incorrect attitude towards some historical characters, for example, Karl Marx. I don't know how many you have read among hundreds of books of his origianl work, but I can tell you with no doubt that Marx's idea is basically similar to "ALL man are created equal", and one of his dream is to eliminate the inequality among different classes of people. Now, his theory are well developed and effectively practised in some parts of the world...
But Anyway, you have expressed what you observed and understood so far very affectively and thank you for your interest of my music, that's why I still give you high scores:)
I will send you a email for details.

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Dust - Episode 1 Dust - Episode 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Professional Movie

I do think you have good techniques in movie making, but better to use them on somewhere else with art outline.