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Classic Game: Contra 25th Anniversary

2013-05-04 19:13:56 by Jhunour

After more than 25 years of the classic video game Contra's debut and more than 10 years of my first NG submission, I have at last released a new flash game called "Contra 25th Anniversary":


Hours have been spent to integrate the NG medals, rankings and some extra functions (for example: change weapons during playing) into it. I wish that it could evoke some nostalgic feelings of the old school games and also the golden time of ourselves...

You could also found all the soundtracks in my former audio submissions here: http://jhunour.newgrounds.com/audio/

Hope you enjoy them and this is my very first NG News Post;)

Classic Game: Contra 25th Anniversary


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2013-05-05 21:08:37

This is fucking awesome!


2013-05-07 07:15:44

I never did play the original, just one version for the GB that seems entirely different from this 25 year edition. Games back then were HARD...